Frequently asked questions

Is there a joining fee?

There are NO joining fees. We have a one off fee of $30 (non refundable) for your 24/7 access keychain when you join. This is the only fee you'll pay on the day and the card grants you 24/7 access to our facilities. The membership is direct debited via a third party company, Debit Success, from your bank account each week.

Are there any other fees at all?

There is an annual $19.95 Service Fee on that is deducted on July 1st. Apart from that we have NO other fees or charges.

Do you offer casual sessions?

Yes. We charge $10 per session, per person to use the gym on a casual basis. Casual sessions are only available during staffed hours.

What is the minimum age for someone to be a member?

The minimum age to join is 14 with parent permission.

How do I suspend my membership?

To suspend your membership, contact Debit Success directly by phone on 1800 148 848. Please DO NOT call us, email us, FB message or Instagram us. We do not process suspensions, Debit Success does. There is a 4 week minimum term for suspensions, you cannot suspend for less than 4 weeks.

Do you offer a free trial?

Your first session is on us!

Is there a contract or minimum term?

There are NO contracts or minimum term of any kind, you're never locked in with us at Five Star Fitness.

What are your staffed hours?

View our "Contact Us" page and you'll see the staffed hours for each gym. Or alternatively the staffed hours are shown in the footer of this website.

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