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Thanks to your generosity, collaborative fundraising and volunteer efforts, the NDAA supports enhancements outside NDHS Athletics' regular funding limits.


Recent updates include: 

- ND logo decal for fields

- 5-gang reel mower for field maintenance

- Top 60 sign

- Football field paint

- Fencing around softball area

- Decals and 1,000-point player names in gym

- Hot water heater in football concessions

- Square for credit/debit card payments

- Press box improvements

- Trophies for student athletes

- Scholarship funds

- Yearly top dressing for athletic fields (in 2020, baseball, softball and soccer; in 2019, football, lacrosse/band and practice fields)

- New Shirt Shack for NDHS apparel 

- Walk of Fame

- New baseball building (2019)

- Updated lighting in softball building

- Hot dog roller in concessions

- Fencing around softball field

- New drink coolers in concessions

- Painted football locker rooms

- Updated basketball locker rooms

- New carport (2019)

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